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 Like most girls in high school, Kyanna Kash is caught between two guys. Unlike most girls in high school, only one of them is real. Or so she thinks.

The gorgeous defender resides only in her dreams—dreams born from humiliating fainting spells. Each blackout takes Ky deeper into a war-torn world; where deadly beasts are trained to hunt women; where royal soldiers betray their king; and where the protector she's fallen for exists. But when her dreamed-up Adonis soon disappears in a ferocious surprise attack, Ky will never know his fate––her new medication stops the faintings.

Stopping the meds will jeopardize Ky’s life, and that kind of news makes it easy to forget about silly dreams. Besides, there’s more important things to focus on, like deciding on a college with her majorly coveted boyfriend. Well, that is until she finds Grandma’s letter.

Her discovery implies the impossible. Grandma could not have been there––the dreams can’t be real. He cannot be real. The doctors all said Grandma was crazy, but what if she wasn’t? If she wasn’t, Ky must bring back the fainting spells. The soldier in her mind has captured her heart, and now he’s missing ... or worse. But what if Grandma really was crazy?

Ky is faced with the pulse-pounding decision: should she stop the meds to bring back the faintings? Time is of the essence, but returning to her dreams might carry grave consequences.

Chimera |kīˈmi(ə)rə; kə-| 
a thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve:
the economic sovereignty you claim to defend is a chimera.

chimeric |kīˈmi(ə)rik; kə-; -ˈmerik| adjective
chimerical adjective
chimerically adverb