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About the Author

B.D. Swan (1982-present) was born and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. His path toward his first book began with earning his psychology degree from the University of Utah. During his studies, he began competitive public speaking where he represented the state of Utah twice and ranked nationally in an annual international speech competition through Toastmasters International--this taught him creative writing. After earning his degree, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he is currently pursuing a law degree. His legal education, he feels, substantially contributed in writing his debut novel. The legal mindset has taught him to find and cure the logical flaws other writers inadvertently overlook. This skill makes even his creative fantasy writing realistically plausible to the reader.

The aspiration to write is fueled by his desire and ability to convey compelling themes entwined with thought provoking depths. He hopes that his readers not only enjoy reading his work, but find and ponder the deeper elements.

He is married and has three beautiful daughters.

You can reach him at